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Spring Repairs

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BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS? Car stuck in the garage?

24/7 Emergency spring replacement – Service Ute located in Brisbane South, North & Ipswich.

Broken garage door springs are what we do best! A big repair job but yet easy repair for our qualified technician as this is a common every day repair! There is never a good time when your springs break so South Brisbane garage door offer 24/7 emergency spring replacement in Brisbane and all surrounding areas. South Brisbane garage door will take care of the problem, no stress, no hassles, we will get the job right the first time and have your garage door operating smoothly up and down in no time wasted.

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Guaranteed we use only the very best quality garage door springs available, and Australian made locally in Brisbane. If your sectional door opening measures approx 2100-2200 in height and 4800-5200 in width. Your standard garage door springs are rated for 10,000 cycles but we use 15,000 cycles springs for more years of up and down operation on your sectional or Panel-lift door. All major door brands and sizes we are able to supply and fit springs to suit. We carry most springs sizes in stock either way we have parts to temporarily get your door working and back on site with correct springs within 48 hours.

Our prices are the most competitive in Brisbane wide. All spring repairs include a full 27 point garage door and opener tune-up at no additional charge. Our family business have almost zero overheads which means we can offer you more discounted prices on quality springs and offer a full 7 year warranty on springs and labour.

“Torsion Springs should only be replaced by a professional garage door technician or installer. Torsion springs are under extreme tension and could harm you if undone incorrectly or repaired by a non qualified garage door technician”.


We do not use Galvanised springs from oversea’s or 10,000 cycles springs on standard doors. We use 15,000 cycles Australian made springs and covered with 7 Years warranty for peace of mind.

It is very important that the correct size springs are replaced for your door, springs must counter-balance equally with your door size and weight. Incorrect springs used on your sectional or panel-lift door will over work your automatic opener and could reoccur another costly repair.

If you have a double sectional or panel-lift door, we recommend to replace both springs. If replacing one old spring you could find the other old spring will break sooner and become another costly repair.

DO NOT attempt to open your garage door with your automatic opener, as you will be working your opener under extreme pressure and could break the Internal Gearing or chain Cog to bend forward, now another costly repair.

If you do open you garage door manually, you could find the lifting cables unwind from the drum wheel and wrap around the torsion bar and now become twisted on an angle and jammed.

Call 0455 779 907 now for a free quote or for the prompt dispatch of our qualified technician to your home, rental or onsite complex.