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Garage Door Jammed! Is your Family’s security at risk?

Off Track doors are our speciality, Call the Experts Now!

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When a garage door cable comes of the drum (spool), it can really cause some headaches. The garage door will usually be crooked in the opening and one cable will be slack. This is usually caused when the door hits something on the way down, when the door is raised to quickly or from worn rollers or improper door alignment and also incorrect spring tension.

DO NOT TOUCH THE CABLES, AS THEY ARE UNDER EXTREME TENSION. Call us immediately. This is one of the most dangerous repairs we do and requires a team of professionals.

Off track doors can be a slow process to repair especially if the panels are in the up position and they are about to fall out of the tracks. We have a team that will safely ensure no person will be at harm or causing any damage to your property, but ensuring we safely bringing the door down to ensure no damage to the sectional panels.

When a garage door panel is damaged, usually the best thing to do is replace the panel if it is required. One bent or damaged panel can and usually will cause failure of adjacent panels. Failure to repair this quickly can cause complete failure of your garage door which may require the entire door be replaced. We are also able to provide a written quote with all information for your Insurance company if the repairs requires panel replacements.

Call 0455 779 907 now for a free quote or for the prompt dispatch of our qualified technician to your home, rental or onsite complex.